About Us

Want to know how TVN started? Read On

TVN is playing the World's Biggest Variety for the world to hear 24/7. TVN stared as KWPO Radio Online  when our creator Joey Gatchel found a program for his computer called Radio DJ and downloaded it. He imported some songs and started listening to it all the time. Once he found out that he could share the music with the world he figured out what software he needed and bought it with the money he had saved up. Once he had all the equipment he needed he began setting everything up. When everything was ready to go live he said "OK let's do this". Then at Noon on Friday May 5, 2017 KWPO Radio Online signed on for the world to hear. Then on October 24, 2017 KWPO started a brand new website so everyone could get the latest information on KWPO easily. Then at 5:00pm Monday November 20th KWPO Radio Online moved from Wellman, Iowa to Des Moines, Iowa. KWPO celebrated their fourth anniversary on May 5, 2021. On January 4th, 2022 KWPO changed their name to TVN: The Variety Network to freshen up the brand.

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